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標題: 積體化熱電元件-致冷器之設計與分析
Integrated Thermoelectric Device-Microcooler Design and Analysis
作者: 邱瑞易
Chiu, Roy
關鍵字: Thin-film thermoelectric microcooler;薄膜式熱電微型致冷器;MEMS;Cooling capacity;Coefficient of performance;Figure of merit;微機電;汲熱量;性能係數;性能指標
出版社: 機械工程學系

The present study analyzes the integrated thin film thermoelectric microcooler performance. Integrate MEMS technology, micromachining, and nanotechnology to upgrade the performance of thermoelectric cooler using thin film thermoelectric materials.
Base on the theory of thin film thermoelectric microcooler. The device optimal dimensions were analyzed by using input optimal current which maximum cooling capacity can be achieved. It was found that thermoelectric element having length of 0.2mm and substrate width as low as possible can reach maximum coefficient of performance. For cold end temperature of 290K, cooling capacity of 4mW and coefficient of performance of 1.5 can be obtained under these parameters. By integrating the MEMS and nanotechnology to improve the thermoelectric thin film having figure of merit ZT to 3, there would many advantages using thermoelectric cooling in microsystem heat dissipations.
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