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標題: 影像處理技術於生物醫學檢測分析上之應用
The Application of Image Processing Techniques in Bio-Medical Detection
作者: 黃富翔
關鍵字: Threshold;二值閥值;Auto-Focus;Edge Detection;Image Expansion;自動對焦;邊緣檢測;影像擴張
出版社: 機械工程學系
為測試本研究所發展各項影像處理技術之整合性能,我們以步進馬達與精密線性滑軌架設自動對焦平台,再結合CCD組成影像擷取系統,並將所發展之各項新技術以Borland C++ Builder 程式語言撰寫,串成影像檢測系統,最後以組織工程之細胞養殖影像做為測試對象,實驗結果證實本研究所發展之技術確可成功應用於生醫檢測上。

In this thesis, new approaches of the computer vision techniques such as the optimal threshold, the auto focusing, the edge detection, and the image expansion are investigated.
For the optimal threshold, the piecewise searching method that detects the threshold according to the histogram of the gray-level distribution is adopted. Experimental results show that the misjudge problems of the conventional methods is improved. It is also found that the worse the out-of focus is, the lower the optimal threshold is. This physical phenomenon is adopted to develop the new auto focusing method. Less complexity is the main advantage of the proposed auto focusing scheme.
For better edge detection, we use the Lagrange polynomials to build a 2D Lagrange mask such that the required computation time is reduced and the subpixel edge can be directly estimated. The 2D Lagrange edge detection method along with the bipolar sigmoid function is then used to modify the expended edge such that the obscure expansion problem is decreased.
To verify the performance of these new approaches, an auto focusing platform which consists of a linear slider and a step motor, a high resolution couple charged device (CCD), and an image processing software that is written in Borland C++ Builder, are brought together to build a complete image inspection system. The image processing tasks of the cell culture in tissue engineering demonstrate that the proposed image inspection system can be successfully applied to the biomedical analysis problems.
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