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標題: 電子斑點干涉術相關相位檢出技術之探討研究及材料表面微裂痕之偵測應用
作者: 楊博仁
關鍵字: ESPI;電子斑點干涉術;ESPSI;phase unwrapping;電子斑點剪像干涉術;相位展開法
出版社: 機械工程學系

The phase-extracted techniques of electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI) are reviewed. Systematic analysis and comparison show that Creath's method through the implementation of the auto-marking technique of PZT phase shifter proposed by Huang and Chou in 2000 is recommended for conducting result that exhibits less phase distortion of the wrapped map. Therefore, the subsequent unwrapping jobs are facilitated.
Moreover, applying proper unwrapping algorithm to the map of a deformed object enable the clear detection of surface cracks on a tested sample.
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