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標題: 陰影疊紋干涉法量測大型平板輪廓之研究
Measurement of Large Scare Surface Plate By Shadow Moire Interfermetry
作者: 石英正
關鍵字: 疊合;shadow moire;陰影疊紋法;相移;三次元量床;最小平方法;phase
出版社: 機械工程學系
本論文的目的是提出輪廓貼合的方式,來增加光學量測三維曲面輪廓範圍,所選用的光學量測方法為陰影疊紋法(Shadow Moire)。藉由五步相移求得單張影像中全場的相位分布,還原相位配合校正所得的相移週期,即可以獲得單張輪廓。
實驗過程中,吾人固定光學架設而利用三次元量床(Coordinate Measuring Machine)移動待測物件,各別求得每一部份輪廓,再利用最小平方法尋求總貼合的誤差最小值。

This paper describes a method of patching contours, to prove the contours range when measuring a 3D curved surface. The optical measurement method is Shadow Moire. By using five steps phase shift to get the phase distribution of an image, and matching up the aligned phase shift, then we can receive the image contours.
Fixing the optical equipments and then using the Coordinate Measuring Machine to move the object which is measured during the process of the experiment. After that, we get every part of the contours, and use the least square method to search the minimum error of total patching.
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