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標題: 軍用悍馬吉普車之動態即時模擬
Real Time Dynamic Simulation of High Mobility Multipurpose Wheel Vehicle (HMMWV)
作者: 王振成
Wang, Jenn-Cherng
關鍵字: Differential-Algebraic Equation;微分代數方程;Multibody Mechanical Systems;Recursive;多體機械系統;遞歸
出版社: 機械工程學系
本文的目的乃利用多體機械系統遞歸動態方程式及Baumgarte數值積分穩定法達成軍用悍馬車(High Mobility Multipurpose Wheel Vehicle,簡稱HMMWV)之動態即時模擬。遞歸動態方程式由於使用相對座標當作廣義座標,因此具有維度小及運算效率佳的優點;另一方面,由於軍用悍馬車為一閉鏈多體機械系統,其動態方程式為一混合微分-代數方程式(Differential-Algebraic Equation,簡稱DAE),一般的常微分方程式數值積分法無法有效率的做數值分析,因此本文採用Baumgarte的數值積分法以達到快速積分且誤差小的結果;藉由遞歸動態方程式及Baumgarte數值積分法,達到悍馬車即時動態模擬的目的。本文的程式在Matlab中撰寫,經與動態分析軟體ADAMS比對的結果發現,在相同的精確度下,本文所提出的方法運算效率較佳。

The purpose of this thesis is to achieve the real-time dynamic simulation of High Mobility Multipurpose Wheel Vehicle (HMMWV) by using recursive dynamic equation and Baumgarte numerical integration stabilization method. Recursive dynamic equation uses relative coordinates as generalized coordinates, hence yields a smaller set of coordinates and good numerical efficiency. On the other hand, closed-loop multi-body mechanical system the dynamic equations is a mixed differential-algebraic equation (Abbreviated DAE). Numerical integration methods of ordinary differential equations cannot to the DAE directly due to the poor numerical efficiency. Therefore, Baumgarte numerical integration method is used in this thesis, to acquired fast-integration and small constraint-error. Simulation results show that real-time dynamic simulation of HMMWV is achieved by using recursive dynamic equations and Baumgarte numerical integration method. The simulation code is implemented in Matlab software. Compare with the results of the dynamic analysis software ADAMS, the method presented in this thesis, in the same accuracy level, is more numerical efficiency than the ADAMS analysis.
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