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標題: 含加速轉動效應複材板振動控制之探討
Studies of the Vibration Control of the Composite Plates Involving the Rotational Acceleration Effect
作者: 卓迺智
Jow, Nychee
關鍵字: Disturbance force obsever;干擾力估測器;Rotational acceleration effect;vibration control;LQG controller;Piezoelectric patch;Composite plate;加速轉動效應;振動控制;LQG控制器;壓電片;複合材料板
出版社: 機械工程學系
中 文 摘 要
所使用的控制器分別為標準型LQG控制器、含內部模型的LQG控制器與含干擾補償之LQG控制器。其中,標準型與含內部模型的LQG控制器其控制輸入皆由估測狀態決定,而含內部模型的LQG控制器並經由一具積分作用(Integral action)的動態模型(dynamics)來消除系統的干擾。含干擾補償之LQG控制器則使用前饋與回饋的控制迴路(feedforward and feedback control loop),首先,估測每個時間間隔下的干擾力,將所估測的干擾力視為另一組狀態變數而與板的回授狀態分別再以前饋及回饋方式方式輸入,以消除系統干擾並抑制其振動。經理論模擬顯示此三種不同的控制方式皆能有效抑制複材板因加速轉動效應所產生的擾動。而第三種含干擾補償之LQG控制器因能直接估測干擾力並以前饋的方式加以消除,故在理論模擬時有較佳的控制效果。

The objective of this thesis is to design suitable digital controllers based on LQG theory that are used to suppress the vibration of the composite plates resulting from the rotational acceleration effect. The piezoelectric patches bonded on the surface of the plates are used as sensors and actuators.
In the framework of LQG theory, three types of digital controllers are investigated. They are the regular LQG controller, the internal model based LQG controller and the LQG controller with an external disturbance force compensator. The control inputs of the regular and internal model based LQG controllers all consist of the feedback of the estimated states. But for the later one, an additional dynamic system with integral action is included to attenuate the disturbance of the system. The third one contains the feedforward and feedback control loops with a modal disturbance force observer. The modal disturbance force are estimated at each time interval in modal space and are regarded as additional state variables that are combined with the feedback of states to suppress the vibration.
It is shown from computer simulations that the three types of digital controllers all are proven they can attenuate the vibration of the composite plates involving the rotational acceleration effect. The LQG controller with the external disturbance force compensator is more effective than the others because of the use of modal disturbance force observers that can estimate the disturbance and cancel it in the feedforward loop.
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