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標題: 多晶矽與氮化矽複合薄膜微機械性質之量測
Measurement of Micromechanical Properties of Poly-Silicon and Silicon-Nitride Composite Thin-Film
作者: 林鴻輝
Lin, Alex
關鍵字: composite thin-film;複合薄膜;cantilever;mechanical properties;懸臂樑;機械性質
出版社: 機械工程學系
經由實驗量測結果顯示:多晶矽與氮化矽均質薄膜之楊氏係數分別為165±5Gpa與258±10Gpa,而蒲松比則分別為 0.26與0.25,其值與參考文獻之值比較相當符合。當三層對稱結構視為等效樑時,得到楊氏係數為228GPa,蒲松比為0.26,其值可見介於上述均質薄膜者之間。

The composite thin-film structure, instead of the single layer thin film, is studied in this paper. Measurements of the mechanical properties of the composite thin-film are presented. The composite thin-film made of Poly-silicon and Silicon-nitride is used. The mechanical properties of thin-film are assessed by the linear relationship of a load-deflection diagram obtained from the experiments of a cantilever beam subjected to a concentrated load. The composite thin-film cantilevers are made using the technique of photolithography. Several different sizes in width dimension are made in order to analyze the plate effect of the composite beams and the poisson's ratio of thin film is therefore obtained.
The results obtained in the present paper are in good accordance with that found by other researchers, i.e., the Young's modulus and Poisson ratio are 165±5Gpa, 0.26 and 258±10Gpa, 0.25 for the homogeneous materials of poly-silicon and silicon-nitride, respectively. The Young's modulus and Poisson ratio is also obtained as 228Gpa and 0.26 for the three-layer composite thin film, a value somehow between those obtained above for the homogeneous materials.
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