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標題: 具摩擦力模糊估測補償之六軸史都華平台穩定適應控制設計與實現
Stable Adaptive Fuzzy Control with Friction Compensation for Six-DOF Stewart Platforms
作者: 胡詹盛
關鍵字: Stewart Platform;Adaptive Fuzzy Control;Friction Compensation;Lyapunov
出版社: 機械工程學系
整體穩定控制系統之設計,使用模式追隨(model following)原理,選擇適當的Lyapunov函數,推導六軸Stewart平台之簡易穩定適應PID模糊控制策略,其中包括六軸PID控制器參數調適律、不確定性的強健補償律,以及處理摩擦力補償的模糊線上估測器,最後並以電腦模擬及實驗加以驗證所提控制策略之有效性。

This thesis suggests and implements a stable adaptive fuzzy control with friction/disturbance compensation for a six-DOF Stewart platform. Selecting a proper Lyapunov candidate via the concept of model following, a simple joint-space stable adaptive PID fuzzy control law including a six-axis PID parameters adaptation law and a simple robust compensating law for uncertainty and a real-time T-S fuzzy friction compensation, is derived. Computer simulations and experiment results are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the suggested control strategy for the six-DOF trajectory tracking control of the Stewart platform.
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