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標題: 雙軸三自由度精密定位系統之控制研究
A Study on the Conrol of Dual-axis 3DOF Precision Positioning System
作者: 謝銘謙
關鍵字: N-times feed-forward control law;N次前饋補償控制法則;Piezo-electric actuators;Capacitive position sensors;PID feedback control theory;壓電陶瓷致動器;電容式感測器;PID回饋控制
出版社: 機械工程學系
實驗控制的結果,X軸行程可達到260mm以上,Y軸行程可達到300mm以上;步階定位的誤差可控制在40 nm以下,轉角誤差控制在0.9×10-6 rad以下;斜坡軌跡與循圓軌跡之追蹤誤差,皆可達到40 nm 以下,轉角誤差在1.0×10-6 rad以下。

Due to sciential technology development and industrial with demanding on high precision and high performance, precision machining equipment and measuring instrument have been paid much attention recently, The key technology to improve their precision is the positioning technology. In this thesis, it is focusing on the precision positioning technology, the objective of this research is to build up a long-range and high precision system with a simple structure and low cost.
In this study, the control system of a dual-axis with three degree of freedom stage was build. Piezo-electric actuators were used to drive the positioning stage. Capacitive position sensors were used to measure the displacement of this stage. PID feedback control theory and N-times feed-forward control law were used for the controlling. The control signal was transformed by an AD/DA card and output to the actuators then driven the micro-positioning stage.
From the experiment results, it was shown that the travel ranges of this stage were 260 μm and 300 μm on X- and Y-axis respectively. The position error was controlled within 40 nm, while the rotational error was within 0.9×10-6 rad, for the stepping test. The tracking error was less than 40 nm with rotational error less than 1.0×10-6 rad for ramp and circular tracking test.
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