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標題: 應用適應性網路模糊推論系統於姿勢穩定性之評估
Application of Adaptive-Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System for Assessment of Postural Stability
作者: 丁士哲
關鍵字: Center of pressure(COP);壓力中心;Postural Stability;ANFIS;Shear Force;AP COG Sway Angle;Sway Area;The Area of Stability;姿勢穩定性;適應性網路模糊推論系統;剪應力;縱向重心搖晃角度;搖晃面積;穩定面積
出版社: 機械工程學系

In this study emphasis has been placed on the use of force platform to obtain excursions of center of pressure (COP) and to calculate postural stability. Excursions of COP may include medial-lateral and anterior-posterior movement of the COP in the time series. Beside COP, force platform can also be used to obtain shear force, anterior-posterior COG sway angle, sway area and the area of stability as indices for postural stability assessment. Methods incorporating the fuzzy/adaptive -network-based fuzzy inference system with postural stability indices that capture some of knowledge of experts are developed, and a concise score concept is used to represent the grade of postural stability.
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