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標題: 結合第二路徑頻譜整形器之適應混合前饋式主動噪音控制
Adaptive Hybrid Feed-forward Active Noise Control With Filter to Shape Frequency Response of Secondary Path
作者: 趙家賢
關鍵字: Active Noise Control;主動噪音控制;Shape Frequency Response;Model-Matching;頻譜整形器;模式匹配法
出版社: 機械工程學系

Active noise control (ANC) and implementation with a pseudo inverse model of secondary path for an acoustic duct system are studied and discussed in this thesis. Two methods are developed to obtain the pseudo inverse model of secondary path first. An adaptive hybrid feed-forward (AHFF) structure is then proposed with a pseudo inverse model of secondary path and a model of primary path and used to design an ANC controller to actively reduce noise in the acoustic duct. Performances of the AHFF-ANC controller with respect to noise of narrow-band or wideband are investigated. Both results of computer simulation and experiment show better performances of noise attenuation as compared to that of the conventional filter-X least mean squared method, demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed AHFF-ANC design method.
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