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標題: 交流定位系統之T-S模糊建模與穩定模糊控制設計實現
T-S Fuzzy Modeling and Fuzzy Control Design for an AC Induction Motor-Driven Servo System
作者: 吳文忠
關鍵字: 線性矩陣不等示;Fuzzy;遞迴式最小平方演算法;平行分怖補償;T-S模糊模型;PDC;LMI;RLS
出版社: 機械工程學系
本論文針對一由三相交流感應馬達驅動之定位平台進行其T-S模糊模型建構和控制設計與實現研究。首先,在閉迴路架構下收集具有足夠持續激發度的輸入/輸出數據,並使用遞迴式最小平方(RLS)演算法進行T-S模糊模型之參數最佳化辨認。T-S模糊模型之結構擬訂,乃根據Canudas de Wit等人所提近似真實物理現象之摩擦力動態模型,依不同速度,將系統模糊分割成數個適當的操作區域,在各操作區域分別賦予一局部線性模式(以IF-THEN規則表示),以建構平台之非線性模糊模型。
在控制器設計部分,本論文採用平行分佈補償( Parallel Distributed Compensation, PDC )的設計觀念,依據辨認所得之T-S模糊模型,將每一個局部系統模式以可控標準式表示,再引用李亞普諾夫( Lyapunov )穩定理論及線性矩陣不等式(LMI)求解各局部系統之穩定化迴授增益,以建構全域穩定的模糊控制器。
最後並使用dSPACE DS1102單板控制器,在MATLAB / SIMULINK環境下進行所提模糊控制器的實現研究,由實驗結果印證所提系統辨認和控制器設計的可行性。

This thesis considers the T-S fuzzy modeling and fuzzy control design for an ac induction motor-driven precision servo system. First, the RLS (recursive least squares) estimation algorithm is adopted for obtaining the optimal parameters of the T-S fuzzy estimate model based on the acquired input/output data pairs. The friction characteristics are considered for constructing the structure of the fuzzy model. Since velocity is the most important variable, the plant is partitioned into several fuzzy operating regions in the velocity domain. Each region is built a local ARMA-like model with a bias term for incorporating the effect of friction.
For the control design, this thesis adopts the so-called Parallel Distributed Compensation (PDC) to design a fuzzy controller based on the identified T-S fuzzy model of the servo system. The Lyapunov stability theory and the Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) method are adopted for synthesizing a globally stable fuzzy controller.
Finally, we use dSPACE DS1102 control board in the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment for the implementation study. Control results of the experiments validate the feasibility of the suggested T-S fuzzy modeling and control design approach.
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