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標題: 雙軸渦輪扇引擎之多變數控制器的設計和調整
Design and Schedule of Multivariable Controllers for A Twin-Spool Turbofan Engine
作者: 何錫村
He, Xi-Cun
關鍵字: Turbofan Engine;渦輪扇引擎;LQG/LTR;GA;ANFIS;LQG/LTR;遺傳演算法;適應性網路模糊推論
出版社: 機械工程學系

In this paper, a gain scheduling technique is proposed with the LQG/LTR method to design a robust nonlinear controller for JT3D turbofan engine. A mathematical model of JT3D turbofan engine with the characteristics of its major components is first derived. A linearized model at a nominal operation point is then obtained to design a LQG/LTR controller such that desired performances of command following and disturbance rejection can be achieved. A scheduling matrix is further adopted and connected to the LQG/LTR controller to form a robust controller such that the desired performances can be maintained at other specified operation points. Gains of the scheduling matrix at these specified operation points are obtained by use of a genetic algorithm through minimizing a normalized loop transfer difference maximum singular value. To extend the robust controller to the whole operation range of the JT3D turbofan engine, the scheduling matrix is implemented as an adaptive-network-based fuzzy interference system (ANFIS). The ANFIS and the LQG/LTR controller form a nonlinear controller for the JT3D turbofan engine to achieve the desire performances at the operation points. Robust performances of the nonlinear controller at the operation range of the JT3D turbofan engine are validated through the computer simulations.
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