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標題: 微流道熱沉性能分析及其於熱電電子散熱器之應用
Performance Analysis of Microchannel Heat Sink and Its Application in Electronic Cooling Using Thermoelectric Coolers
作者: 黃冠銘
Huang, Guan-Ming
關鍵字: Microchannel Heat Sink;微流道熱沉;Nanofluid;Thermoelectric Cooler;Thermal Resistance;奈米流體;熱電致冷器;熱阻
出版社: 機械工程學系

The design of a microchannel heat sink (MCHS) and its performance in dissipating heat with pure water and nanofluid with 100nm-sized Copper particles in different volume fractions are presented. The paper is based on the fin approach to investigate the improvement of heat transfer between the pure water and nanofluid. By means of the procedure of the geometric optimization and other design discussions, nanofluid shows the superiority to water and leads to reduce the thermal resistance of microchannel heat sink greatly.
Furthermore, present study addressed the application of thermoelectric cooler (TEC) in the recent trend with denser electronic cooling device. Finally, the design of MCHS integrated into the TEC and the development and applicability of the active cooling system could be discussed.
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