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標題: 多孔性散熱結構之設計與實驗分析
Design and Experimental analysis of porous cooling structure
作者: 蔡國清
Tsai, Kct Ching
關鍵字: porous structure;多孔性結構;heat transfer rate;熱傳速率
出版社: 機械工程學系

The heat transfer rate of a cooling device using a small fan blowing the air flow through a porous channel is experimentally investigated in this paper. The heat transfer behavior of an open type porous structure using the same small air fan is also studied. Both results are compared and assessed. Two types of porous structure including circular holes and square pin-fins are used in the experiments. The correlations of the Nusselt number and Reynolds number are presented.
The results show that the benefit of the porous structure on cooling effect is reduced due to the fact that the air pressure produced by the small fan is low. The heat transfer rate is insignificant since the high air flow resistance is obtained as fluid flow passing through the porous structure. The cooling ability is better for circular hole structure because the small air flow resistance is presented.
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