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標題: 桌上型電腦散熱流場之最佳化分析
The Optimization Analysis of Heat Dissipation on Desktop Computer
作者: 吳耀國
Wu, Yao-Kuo
關鍵字: Desktop PC;桌上型個人電腦;Hybrid Scheme;vortex field;Reynolds number;混合體系;迴流區域;雷諾數
出版社: 機械工程學系
摘 要
本文採用套裝軟體「PHOENICS」來模擬分析具熱源之桌上型個人電腦的散熱情形。數值計算方面,則採用Patankar的混合體系,並結合Simplest 計算法則,以求得統御方程式(Governing equations)的穩態數值解,本文所欲改變的參數為進風口速度、風量及雷諾數等。

In this study, we used the software of PHOENICS to simulation the heat transfer dissipation in the Desktop PC cases with heat source. The SIMPLEST algorithm coupled with Hybrid Scheme were utilized to analyze this problem. The transport equations governing the mass, momentum, energy are casted into the suitable finite difference equations. In the present, the parameters are the inlet velocity, CFM, and Reynolds numbere.
According to the analysis of 3-D numerical simulation on the Desktop PC, we can get distributions of inner speed and temperature, and then find an optimal inlet speed and performance of heat transfer dissipation of Desktop PC.
From the simulation results, shows that model 4 with force fan to convect is better than the other models, because this model influence hightest heat dissipation of temperature is directly. Another reason is that it expands local vortex field to avoid the heat.
As to the different Reynold numbers as 16000, 20000 and 24000, it shows that Reynolds number of 20000 is better for heat transfer dissipation of Desktop PC.
Key words: Desktop PC, Hybrid Scheme, vortex field, Reynolds number
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