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標題: 金屬之黏彈塑性回彈電腦輔助設計研究
Computer-Aided Design in Elastic-viscoplastic Springback of Metal
作者: 李法賢
Lee, Far-shyn
關鍵字: Elastic-viscoplastic;黏彈塑性;Springback;Hart's Constitutive Model;回彈;哈特結構模型
出版社: 機械工程研究所
" 回彈 "是製造成型結構板件過程中所發生的一種常見的現像o 本研究乃
分佈﹑應變大小與外力釋放回彈後的形狀o本研究以 "更新拉格朗日公
式" 作為金屬在成型過程中系統的能量平衡方程式推導o 而適當的黏彈塑
性材料模式則包含了大變形及非彈性變形率等效應o 在本研究並以 "哈特
結構模型" 作為黏彈塑性材料的模式o 並假設一金屬板面中間受外力生成
變因對其結果的影響o 當摩擦係數愈大時,其板件上各種應變的拉伸效應
與壓縮效應愈顯著,並且回彈量的大小亦有降低的趨勢o 經由本研究提供
"Springback" is one of the popular phenomena occurred in the
metal forming process of plate structures during manufacturing.
Here, finite element methods and related models are studied for
the prediction of the formed shapes of plate structures, and
the stress and strain distributions and reponding
configurations during springback. Updated Lagrangian
formulation are derived as the equililrium equations of the
system in the numerical process.Elastic-Visco plastic models
are considered and large deformation,non-elastic deformed rates
are included. " Hart's Constitutive Model " is implemented to
simulate the material behaviors of the structures. The object
is assumed to be a plate which is punched by a road nd deformed
with a V-shape. Ends of the plate model are assumed to be
either fixed or moveable. Various friction coefficients in
the structures are also studied. As the friction coefficients
become larger, the response of strains appear more obvious
and the quantity of springback is descend. Results present in
this study compared with available experimental datum are
signficant and valuable for the prediction of the forming
process of plate strures in manufacturing.
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