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標題: 二維翼剖面尾緣外形流場數值探討
Numerical Analysis for Flow Over Airfoils with Different Shape of Trailing-Edge
作者: 徐昌晟
Shyu, Chang-Sheng
關鍵字: Slab Trailing-Edge;平板尾緣;Divergent Trailing-Edge;發散型尾緣
出版社: 機械工程研究所
本文主要研究目的,乃在探討不同尾緣 (Trailing-Edge)幾何外形流場之
點分佈,再利用區域隱式(Locally Implicit) 數值法求解可壓縮納維爾-
討之前,首先以 NACA 0012 及 RAE 2822 兩種不同之翼剖面進行程式驗
證,並與 AGARD AR-138 之實驗數據來作比較以確定程式之準確性。繼而
以 RAE 2822 翼剖面來分析,改變不同攻角時分離流區域大小對震波效應
為 Slab Trailing Edge,外形以 NACA 64A 004M 對稱翼剖面加裝 Slab
於尾緣處。第二部分為 Divergent Traniling Edge外形,以尖尾緣之
RAE 2822 翼剖面為基本外形,利用不同尾緣厚度以及改變尾緣曲度為設
計參數,設計出四種不同之發散式尾緣外形。針對 Slab Trailing 及
Divergent Trailing-Edg翼剖面之數值探討結果發現,具有增加拱弧效
應(Camber effective- ness) 之 DTE 翼剖面於穿音速流場時較
RAE2822 翼剖面有較佳之升力及阻力係數。此外,由結果顯示 DTE具有分

The flow field of airfoil with different Trailing- Edge
geometry have studied. For this research, the two -zone grid,
created by solving elliptic partial diffe- rential equations
and algebraic equs, was used. An locally implicit scheme is
used for the numerical so- lution of the compressible Navier-
Stokes equs. First, the NACA 0012 and RAE2822 airfoil were sel-
ected to demonstrate the scheme program and compared with the
experimental data of AGARD. Then, the RAE2822 airfoil was used
to study a two-dimensional shock bou- ndary-layer interaction
problem. In this study, the Trailing-Edge geometry was cla-
ssified to two types. The first type is slab Trailing- Edge.
For this Type, the slabs were add to Trailing- Edge of NACA
64A 004M airfoil. The second type is Divergent Trailing-
Edge (DTE). For this type, the Trailing-Edge of RAE2822
airfoil was modified by variying surface curvature with
constant Trailing-Edge thickness. Four different Divergent
Trailing-Edge has been designed. In this study, flow over
the airfoil with slab Trailing-Edge and Divergent Trailing-
Edge are investi- gated. The results show that the increased
camber eff- ectiveness of the Divergent Trailing-Edge airfoil
has superior transonic lift and drag characteristics to
RAE2822 airfoil. In addition, It is also found that the
Divergent Trailing-Edge has effects to decouple the upper-
and lower-surface pressure distributions near the Trailing-
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