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標題: 一維精密機械系統滯滑摩擦力之模糊控制
Fuzzy Control of One-Dimensional Precision Mechanical Systems with Stick-Slip Friction
作者: 郭德明
Kuo, Ter-Ming
關鍵字: Fuzzy Control;模糊控制;Stick-Slip Friction;Membership Function;滯滑摩擦;隸屬函數
出版社: 機械工程研究所

This study considers the application of fuzzy control to rigid
and flexible mechanical systems with stick-slip friction in
order that the systems have precise positioning and trajectory-
following performance. The design of a fuzzy control system
need not fully rely on the mathematical model of the plant.
Usually, control engineers design the fuzzy control rules based
only on the heuristic knowledge about the plant. Thus it is
very suitable for the control of complex or highly uncertain
systems. This thesis first introduces the fuzzy control theory
and friction theory, then considers a fuzzy controller with
"two input-one output" and "three input-one output"
respectively, for the rigid and flexible mechanical systems,
and chooses suitably the membership functions and fuzzy control
rules for generating the suitable control signals to achieve
the control purposes. And the computer simulation results show
that the proposed fuzzy controllers have very good performances
and precision for the positioning and track- ing of the systems
considered. In the precise positioning of rigid systems, this
thesis also considers the comparison between the perfor- mances
of the fuzzy control strategy and those of the traditional
nonlinear friction compensation. The computer simulation
results also show that the performances of the fuzzy control
case are better.
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