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標題: 關刀溪森林生態系土壤微生物多樣性之探討
The Study on Soil Microbial Biodiversity in Kuandaushi Forest Ecosystem
作者: 拾已宏
Shih, I-Hung
關鍵字: Biology;生物多樣性;metaphoric pattern;代謝潛能
出版社: 土壤環境科學系
生物多樣化被視為維繫人類生存的最佳保障,因此其探討已成為一全球關注的研究主題,但在土壤中微生物多樣性仍須有許多困難要克服。關刀溪森林生態系位處於台灣中部為極具代表性的森林生態系,此生態區中植生茂密、多樣,具有不同的林相。本研究欲由土壤微生物之功能性的角度,探討不同林相下(包括人工林、原始林、次生林及木荷區)土壤微生物群落之多樣性。Biolog菌種鑑定系統(Biolog, Inc., Hayward, CA, U.S.A.)提供了一個可同時測試微生物對95種不同碳源代謝的裝置,本實驗以此系統來探討土壤微生物的功能性多樣性。

Biodiversity is important to global life, therefore, the study and investigation of such issue has become one of the most important world-wide concerned topics for research. However, microbial diversity in the soil still faces a lot of difficulties. The ecosystem of Kuandaushi forest is located in Mid-Taiwan, a representative ecosystem where there are abundant and diversified plant communities. This paper intended to study the diversity of soil microbial community from the approach of soil microbial function. Biolog Bacteria Identify System provides a power device that can simultaneously test 95 carbon sources on their metaphoric patterns. With that device, this study investigated the functional soil microbial diversity.
On the vertical configuration, the microbial diversity decreased with the increasing of soil depth. According to the cluster analysis of the carbon source utilization, the whole profile can be divided into four main clusters-0~2cm, 2~15cm, 15~40cm and 40~95cm, which corresponded with the layers of A1, A2, Bw and BC on the soil profile. On the horizontal configuration, the metaphoric potential of soil microbe community is highest in primary forest and lowest in China fir plantation. Within the same forest, there were significantly differences, which show even in small area the microbial community can be different. This is probably caused by the different plant species in the micro site. The relationship between soil microbial community and soil properties is different from that between soil microbes community and metaphoric patterns, which is significantly related to soil pH values, but not significantly related to soil organics and nitrogen content.
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