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標題: 振盪平板流場之數值模擬
Numerical simulation of flow over an oscillating plate
作者: 許永璋
Xu, Yong-Zhang
關鍵字: MECHANICAL-ENGINEERING;振盪平板流場;ENGINEERING;Discrete vortex method;Oscillating flat plate;Kutta condition;數值模擬;機械工程;工程;離散渦元法;振盪平板;庫達條件
出版社: 機械工程研究所
所造成之流場。在初始時,平板垂直於均勻流,而後在60 .degree.至
120 .degree. 範圍內作來回振盪。在不同之迴轉角速度下觀察流場中總
渦會隨擺動角度上揚或下垂。在流場之 質方面,阻力係數、昇力係數及

The flow filed of flow over an oscillating plate was
numerically in the present study. The discrete vortex method
wasmployed to carry out the numerical study. The flat plate
was initiallyrmal to free stream and then oscillated between 60
.degree. and 120gree. with various angular velocities. Both
the global and detailres of the oscillating plate flow field
are examined. Due to lack ofrimental and numerical data
available from previous investigations,thelts of the flow over
a fixed normal flat plate were served as an basis in the
present study. From the simulated results,it was foundthe wake
behind the oscillated plate can be sweeping up or sweeping
downcording to the status of rotation. The vorticity shedding
frequency, ie,he Strouhal number,averaged drag and lift
coefficients,shear layerelocities and rate of vorticty shedding
were also computed.Generally, thetrouhal number,drag, and lift
coefficients were found to be larger thanose of fixed normal
flat plate flow field, while the shear layeres and rate of
vorticity shedding were found to have smaller valuesaring with
those of fixed normal flat plate case. These
differencesprimarily due to rotation effects.Besides the above
mentioned globals of flow field behind the oscillating plate ,
the detail features in thear wake region behind the oscillated
plate were also investigated. Therage velocity , turbulence
intensities, and Reynolds stress wereed at several locations in
the down stream of wake. In general , thends of variations of
these quantities were similar to those of fixedal plate except
that rotation clearly enhence these profiles.
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