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標題: 滑動元件在彈性接觸面上的振動分析
The vibratory phenomena of a machine element sliding on an elastic rough surface
作者: 李榮洲
關鍵字: 自激振動;碎形函數
出版社: 機械工程學系

In the present paper, the vibratory phenomena occurred in the pin-on-disk apparatus, which is simulated by a sliding element in contact with an elastic surface, are studied numerically. The topography of the rough surface is modeled respectively by a sinusoidal surface and a random surface described by a W-M function from the fractal theory. The numerical simulations of the system are carried out in different sliding speed and normal contact load.
The results show that the vibratory displacements are small for the sliding element in contact with a smooth surface under a light loading. However, the vibratory amplitude is moderately increased with the contact load. For the case of a high sliding element in contact with the rougher surface , a critical load is found in which the vibratory amplitude abruptly . This violent vibratory phenomenon can be called the self-excited vibration.
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