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標題: 影響農業產銷班績效差異之因素分析
An Analysis Of Factors Affecting The Performance Of Farmer'' Production-Marketing Teams
作者: 張志熒
Ying, Chang Chin
關鍵字: An Analysis Of Factors Affecting The Performance Of Farmer'' Production-Marketing Teams;探討影響農業產銷班績效差異之分析
出版社: 農業經濟學系

In order to understand the performance of the difference in production-marketing teams. Based on the theories and the former studies offarm organization, the study tried to find the factors of affecting theperformance of production marketing teams, and to go further into the factors which contribute to the superior and the inferiorproduction-marketing teams. The teams was classified into vegetable, fruit organization. With experience over one year before June 30, 1997, the respective 62 teams ofsuperior and 44teams of inferior were included in the study.
The results show that the factors of the group leaders'' age, number of members, sales volume for whole year, the scale of management, communication and coordination ability of group leaders, agricultural crisis of group leaders, incentive of government policy, team equipments and routine duties, the utilization of production material and production-marketing operations, and the management of organizations have a great significant difference in the impact of performance in the production-marketing teams. Especially, team equipments and routine duties. and the management of organizations and the management of scales show an important contribution to the performance of teams.
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