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標題: 陰極射線管之電子槍定心彈片外型以及接觸力
The Investigation of Contact Force and Profile
作者: 林政昇
關鍵字: Electron Gun;電子槍;Bulb Spacer;Laser Displacement;Gage;Cathode Ray Tube (CRT);定心彈片;雷射位移計;應變規;陰極射線管
出版社: 機械工程學系

The article discusses fixed position of an electron gun of cathode ray tube (CRT). We proposed a simple but efficient mathematical model to govern the fixed position and the compression forces between the bulb spacer and the glass tube. The data required by the analysis mentioned above is acquired by the exploitation of laser displacement meter and strain gages. The experimental results and the predictions of the pre-analysis match each other very well.
The positioning deviation of the electron gun with respect to the glass tube plays the significant influent role of frame quality very well. Through the simplified mathematical model we proposed and the experimental data required by the analysis, we proceeded the sensitivity analysis to know what parameter influence the contact forces of bulb spacer and glass tube most. This result can picture the requirement of the related items, like element quality, uniformity, manufacture processing, assembly process and assembly mechanism whatever might affect the contact forces of bulb spacer and glass tube.
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