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標題: 彩色海芋肥培管理之研究
Studies on the Fertilization of Zantedeschia
作者: 陳興宗
Chen, Hsin-Chung
關鍵字: zantedeschia;彩色海芋;fertilization;肥培管理
出版社: 土壤學系

For experiment 1, Best Gold cultivar planted in a simple housing
rooged with PE material and bagasse compost used as growing
medium (40 cm depth) during 17 November, 1995 to 3 May , 1996.
Results showed that under the range of nitrogen used, the fresh
weight of tubers is linear related to nitrogon rate at highly
significant level. The distribution of nutrients indicated that
the rate of fertilizers shall be higher than applied in this
experiment.For experiment 2, Z. cultivar Blackmagic and Z.
cultivar Jaquelien planted in a field located at Sue-Yuan, 40 cm
depth of artifical medium during 10 May, to 14 October,
1996.Results suggested that fertilizers applied in liquid
solution raised the length of cut flowers 15-20% and the height
of plant 33-42 %.The concertration of P,K,Mg,Fe and Mn of their
tubers were also higher at significant level at dormancy stage,
but the fresh weight of their tubers were lowered 15-20% than of
solid fertilizers''.
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