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標題: 工件輪磨加工前後之粗糙表面的特性表徵
Characteristic Representation of the Grinding Surface Before and After the Machining Operation of a Steel Workpiece
作者: 林津民
關鍵字: grinding;輪磨;fractal;surface simulation;碎形;表面模擬
出版社: 機械工程學系
摘 要
經由巨觀以及微觀的量測分析結果顯示:(1)SS40鋼表面在未輪磨前,最初之表面形勢呈現隨機性與等向性。再者,SS40鋼表面在x方向與y方向上的表面輪廓高度為一non-brownian過程。(2)在完全輪磨後不管切削深度如何的加深,表面粗糙度參數如中心線平均粗糙度 、均方根粗糙度 的數值皆不會繼續減小。(3)SS40鋼表面在完全輪磨後,其形勢強烈的顯示出非等向性。

For a SS40 steel undergoing the grinding process, the geometric texture of the engineering surface is investigated by examining the variations of its roughness parameters. The fractal nature of the surface profile is examined by the analysis of the power spectrum and hence the fractal simulation of the surface profile is proposed. The quantitative data on the surface texture are obtained from three-dimensional surface profilometry.
The measurement results show that (1) the surface heights of the SS40 steel before grinding can be described by an isotropic, Gaussian distribution, (2) the average roughness and RMS roughness remain nearly constant after thoroughly removing the engineering surface of the workpiece by the grinding operation, and (3) the surface texture is non-isotropic after the grinding on the SS40 steel.
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