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標題: 壓力控制閥混沌振盪特性之探討
Numerical Study on Chaotic Vibrations in a Poppet Valve
作者: 沈宗彥
Sheng, Chung-Yen
關鍵字: Chaos;混沌;Poppet Valve;Self-Excited Vibration;提動閥;自激振盪
出版社: 機械工程學系

The instability and chaostic vibrations that occur in a pilot-type poppet valve circuit operated below the cracking pressure are studied numerically. The system consists of a poppet valve, an upstream plenum chamber,a supply pipeline,and an orifice inserted between the plenum and the pipeline. The numerical simulations of the system at different under-operated pressures were carried out for the variations of pippline length and the plenum volume. The simulation results are analyzed with various dynamical forms containing the time series, phase diagram, amplitude and power spectra, and Poincare map. Moreover, the instability is investigated in detail by invoking the bifuraction diagram.
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