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標題: 不同阻塊排列方式對三維雙噴射撞擊流場之影響分析
The Effect of Three - Dimensional Impinging Twin-Jet on A Rough Ground with Various Array of Blocks
作者: 陳怡舟
Chen, Yi-Cho
關鍵字: crossflow;橫向流;block;ground effect;upwash fountain flow;circulating flow;塊狀阻物;地面效應;上沖噴泉流;迴流
出版社: 機械工程學系

In this study, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code, PHOENICS is used to calculate the effect of twin-jet impingement on a rough ground with various array of blocks. Owing to the turbulent characteristic by the impinging flowfield, the continuity equation, unsteady momentum equation, and the-turbulence model are adopted to construct the model with control-volume integration for finite difference associated with SIMPLE-C algorithm. The effect to the parameter including, crossflow velocity, number and arrangement of block, and the distance of the plane on the velocity, pressure. For the ground effect, the upwash fountain flow is generated between the two jets for when crossflow is zero, and the upwash fountain flow will close to the downstream before it disappeared when the crossflow is increased. And the circulating flow will also become irregular. The magnitude of the upwash fountain flow, the size of circulating flow, and the great value of the pressure on the upper plate are also changed by the difference arrangement of block with no crossflow. If the distance of the plate is large, the position of block changing can not to influence the flowfield obviously. It also mean that the ground effect become smaller when the distance of plate become large.
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