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標題: 流量控制閥動態分析-考慮彈簧調整機構
Dynamic Performance Analysis of a Flow Control Valve -Considering the Spring Regulating Device
作者: 唐健峰
Feng, Tang Chien
關鍵字: Flow Control Valve
出版社: 機械工程學系
由模擬之結果可知:(1) 當控制閥之柱塞開度(Xc)小於特性開度時,則流量控制閥的流量輸出將與柱塞開度之間成線性關係。(2) 完整流量控制閥之特性在達平衡的過程中,有上下震盪的現象,因而增加達成平衡的時間。(3) 傳輸管路會對流量控制閥之特性產生延遲的現象。(4) 簡化之流量控制閥的流量輸出與柱塞開度不再具線性關係。

In the present paper, the dynamic performance of a flow control valve is simulated numerically by solving the character equations of the flow control valve. The effects of the transmission line and the spring regulator of the flow control device on the flow characteristics will be further investigated. The time series solutions of the valve performance are firstly presented at a specified valve opening. The functional relationships of the flow properties versus the valve openings are then studied completely.
The results show that the flow rates out of the control valve are linearly proportional to the valve openings, when the valve openings are limited below a specific length, which is determined by the design properties of the flow control valve. The transient oscillations are observed due to the effects of the spring regulator inside the flow control valve. The steady state is attained after a short transient time. It is found the presence of the transmission line will delay the dynamic responses of the control valve. For a simplified flow control valve, the out flow rates are found not linearly related to the valve openings.
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