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標題: 含喇叭動態效應聲管的主動噪音前饋控制器設計與實作
Design and Implementation of A Feed-forward Active Noise Controller for One Dimension Acoustic Duct System with Dynamics of speakers.
作者: 陳俊杰
Chen, Juhn-Jie
關鍵字: 一維聲管;主動噪音控制;前饋控制;系統鑑別;模式匹配
出版社: 機械工程學系

In this thesis, we study the active noise control for a one-dimensional acoustic duct system. A real-state-space model of an acoustic duct system developed in [15] is used to design active noise controllers. The dynamic model of speakers needs to be established in order to achieve global sound pressure attenuation for wide-band noise. Thus, a methodology of system identification to identifying the dynamic model of speakers is developed. Combing the acoustic duct model and the identified dynamics of speakers, a feed-forward controller is designed based on a model matching technique. Computer simulation demonstrates the capability of designed feed-forward controller and shows global sound pressure attenuation. Further experimental results support the developed design method and show that the feed-forward controller can achieve a global sound pressure attenuation for wide-band noise.
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