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標題: 質材之添加對強酸性土壤肥力的改良效應
Effect on the fertility of an acid soil through application of different amendments
作者: 徐琳媛
Yuan, Shue.Lin
關鍵字: 強酸性土壤剖面;acidity soil profile;鋁的毒害;鈣的不足
出版社: 土壤環境科學系
Subsoil acidity is one of the serious problems to crop production in the humid and subhumid tropics, therefore, the amelioration of acid soil profile is an important practice for improving the yield and quality of crops. The objectives of this study were to investigate the properties of acid soil profiles in Taiwan, and to evaluate the effects on the acidity and fertility of the acid soil profile through surface application of different amendments.
This study was first to survey the properties of three acid soils (Da-Do Shan, Hou-Li, and Huan-Si soils). Huan-Si soil was selected for the amelioration study due to the higher exchangeable Al, lower exchangeable Ca, and the similarity properties with soil depths. The way of column section was to simulate the soil profile in Huan-Si soil. Different amendments (lime, gypsum, chicken compost, lime and chicken compost, gypsum and chicken compost, lime and gypsum) were mixed with the top 10 cm soil of each column. Each treatment was conducted to provide the same amount of Ca, and one black treatment was also done. Then each treatments were applied with CO(NH2), Ca(H2PO4)2, KCl based on the fertilizer recommendation for a young citrus tree, and leached every day during 45 day. Results showed that each amendments can increase the content of exchangeable Ca and decrease the content of exchangeable Al of the soil, however, the effect of amelioration of soil depths varied with different kinds of amendments. The effect of amelioration by surface-applied lime was found to limit in incorporated zone, gypsum addition had a deeper effect, however, gypsum with chicken compost treatment had effective amelioration to deeper soil depth. Due to chicken compost contains some nutrients, so all compost treatments (chicken compost, lime with chicken compost, gypsum with chicken compost) were effective in increasing total N and P availabilities in top 10 cm soil, and increased the contents of K, Mg, and Na in each profile of the soil. The total N content and P availability in soil profile were not significantly change in chemical treatments (lime, gypsum, lime with gypsum), but the contents of K, Mg and Na in the soil profile with adding lime and/or gypsum. It indicated that if the general amount of fertilizer recommended were applied to acid soil with strong P fixing capacity and lower pH, the acid soil might induce the problem of nutrient deficiency. It concluded that the combination of gypsum with chicken compost addition had the most effective effect on correcting the problems of low pH and low fertility in soil profile of strongly acid soil.

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