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標題: 無需力量感測器之雙機械臂力量/位置控制
Position/Force Control of Dual-arm Manipulation without Using Force Sensors
作者: 王冠祥
Wang, Kuan-Hsiang
關鍵字: Lagarange Multiplier;多體動力學;constraint;force;position;dual-arm;force sensor;拘束方程式;力量;位置;雙臂;力量感測器
出版社: 機械工程學系
本論文的目的在研究多體動力學切體法在雙機械臂夾持力上的應用。在機械臂的力量控制法中,我們可以藉由Lagarange Multiplier計算接觸力,此法的優點是不需要使用昂貴的力量感測器,而本論文將這個觀念擴展到雙機械臂上。
一個夾持共同物件的雙機械臂屬於一個閉鍊的多體機械系統,被夾持工件所受的夾持力必須有效的控制,否則工件將遭到破壞。本文採用二維閉鍊多體機械系統中的切體法,來推導雙機械臂系統的動力方程式;當我們選擇工件為切體的對象時,需要導入三個限制條件,由此三個限制條件所對應的三個Lagarange Multiplier,可推導出工件所受三個方向上的夾持力,而此夾持力即可用於力量控制器裡的力量回饋迴路。此外,這篇論文也利用適應控制的觀念來確保控制器在參數不確定影響下的表現,模擬結果顯示本篇論文所提出的適應力量控制法有令人滿意的表現。

The thesis aims at developing a force controller for dual-arm manipulators using the cut-body method of multibody dynamics. In robot force control, we can calculate the contract force by introducing the Lagarange Multiplier. The advantage of this method is that expensive force sensors are not needed. This idea will be applied to a dual-arm robot handing the same object in this thesis.
A dual-arm robot handling the same object is a closed-chain multibody mechanical system. The internal forces of this object must be controlled properly; otherwise, the object might be damaged. In this thesis, the cut-body method will be used to devise the equations of motion of the planar dual-arm system. If the object is cut, three constraints will be introduced. The Lagarange multipliers corresponding to these constraints can be used to calculate the internal force of the object. This calculated force can be used in the force feedback loop of the force controller. Furthermore, The concept of adaptive control is used in this thesis to assure the performance of the controller in face of the parameter uncertainly of the dual-robot system. Simulation results show that the performance of the controller is satisfying.
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