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標題: 奇異擾動系統之強健滑動模式控制器
The Robust Sliding Mode Controller for Singularly Perturbal System
作者: 葉智鎰
關鍵字: 滑動模式;奇異擾動系統;線性馬達
出版社: 機械工程學系

A sliding mode control method for singular perturbation system such as the AC servo motor system is proposed in this thesis. At the first stage of this new approach, the servo system concerned is simplified to a singular perturbation system. The perturbation type servo system is then separated into a mechanical subsystem and an electrical subsystem. Conventional sliding mode algorithm can be used to calculate the efficient control force to eliminate the effects of the external disturbances and parameter uncertainties. For practical applications, usually the bound of uncertainties is difficult to obtain in advance. A radial basis neural fuzzy network is adopted to estimate the optimal bound of uncertainties.
Computer simulations and experimental results show that the proposed approach method can be successfully applied to the precise positioning and circular tracking problem of a DC brushless linear motor system. Controller efficiency can be largely improved by inducing the dynamic K value approach.
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