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標題: 聲射訊號在輪磨監測之應用
Acoustic Emission Monitoring in Grinding
作者: 曾盈憲
關鍵字: Acoustic Emission;聲射;AE;Grinding;Monitoring;Burning;Grind loading;on line;聲波放射;輪磨;監測;燒傷;磨輪填塞;線上監測
出版社: 機械工程學系
在製造自動化的紀元來臨之際,高品質的產品與高效率的生產方式一直是眾人研究的目標。要達到此一目的,對於自動化加工狀況的監控便成了一個必要且是刻不容緩的課題。本研究乃針對製造過程中有較高精度要求的磨削加工做一線上(on line)的監測。
本研究將由監測所得的聲射(Acoustic Emission)訊號,判斷磨削時及時(real time)的實際加工狀況,以避免磨削燒傷(burning)與磨輪填塞(loading)所造成工件精度不佳與損傷的狀況,以達到高品質與高效率生產的目的。

High quality products and high efficiency manufacturing are always the most interesting subject in this automatic manufacturing age. To approach this purpose, monitoring in manufacturing condition is surely necessary and demand immediate attention. This research is aimed at on-line monitoring in grinding process.
The major work in this research is applying acoustic emission (AE) technique to real-time grind monitoring. To determine the practical manufacturing conditions by AE signal, and avoid damaging of work pieces caused by burning and wheel loading in grinding.
The result shows that the index of grind burning and wheel loading can be established in the aspects of energy and hits of AE signal. And in the exam-experiments prove that AE signal can successfully and accurately approach the monitoring in grinding.
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