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標題: NC加工碼之圖形建構與結果比對
Result presentation for feature parametric input of NC machining of mechanical parts
作者: 詹金來
關鍵字: feature;NC加工碼
出版社: 機械工程學系
本系統其產生圖形的方式,是以NC碼之加工參數資料輸入後,而利用樹(Trees)狀排列其加工型態,並將相同加工型態的加工歸類為相同刀具,依此結構來作運算與鏈結(Linking list),最後得到所需的製造幾何形狀(Manufacturing Geometry)與尺寸標註(Dimension),並以此作為現場製造與加工之比對。

Through the input of feature parameters, the interface makes NC code generation of mechanical part much more efficient and easier than manual programming. But the danger of machining errors still exists due to the human input errors to the generated NC code. In order to reduce the high cost of erroneous machining, consequentially, most of the NC coding errors will be checked, found and corrected that tremendous time, effort and material can be saved. It is expected that the input errors are easily detected from the drawing and illustrations presented as the result of machining.
The result presentation is intended to capture the geometry, dimensions, tolerances, surface roughness and other manufacturing feature which are supposed to be produced by executing the NC code generated using the feature parametric input. Executing NC code makes NC machines perform designated tool movements with speed and feedrate. For example, tool paths produce geometry, dimensions and tolerances; different feedrates and speeds affect surface roughness
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