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標題: 吹瓶與瓶胚設計理論之探討
A Study on the Theory of Blow Molding and Preform Design
作者: 黃志昌
chang, Huang chih
關鍵字: preform;瓶胚;Viscosity;Plastic bottles;黏彈性體;塑膠瓶
出版社: 機械工程學系

Plastic bottles have gradually substituted for iron, aluminum and glass ones because of their features of good mechanical properties, penetrability, gas barrier, light weight and easy forming. They have various forming types, distinct bottle shape and preform designs due to many different kinds of functional requirements. This dissertation mainly analyzes and compares those various forming types of extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding and stretch blow molding; in addition, the design requirements and methods of shape and preform in carbonated bottles, low pressure/temperature bottles and heat set bottles are also illustrated. The purposes of this article are to provide bottle shape and preform designs, save the cost of materials, increase the profits and improve the mechanical properties and gas barrier performances of the bottles.
In this article, I simply develop a CAE simulation program that uses polymer rheological properties to simulate the process of preform blow molding. On the other hand, I suppose the polymer to be viscoelastic material in order to respond to its viscoelasticity. The conclusion of this program is to simulate the thickness, stretch ratio and shear stress of the bottles, which can be used to provide design application.
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