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標題: 土壤水和溪水元素之季節性變動:以亞熱帶森林福山為例
Seasonal Variation of Elements in Soil Water and Stream Water: A Case Study in a Subtropical Forest at Fu-Shan
作者: 嚴融怡
Yan, Rong-Yi
關鍵字: water chemistry;水化學;DOC;TDP;Fushan;溶解有機碳;總溶解磷;福山
出版社: 土壤環境科學系
The specific property of soil water chemistry and stream water chemistry of Fushan were studied in this research. Water samples were collected from four soil water sampling station in watershed 1 region in the forest of Happen stream, and the other water samples were collected from one sampling station of watershed 2 of Happen stream and the other sampling station of Tsu-Keng stream. Compare the water chemistry among different watersheds in the same ecosystem. Water samples were analyzed for pH, Na+, K+, Ca+, Mg2+, NH4+, Cl-, NO3-, SO42-, DOC and TDP. The sorption P and NH4F-extractable P in soils were measured in order to offer auxiliary information on the element transfer in soil.
From studies, in rain water the inorganic solute Na+, Cl- and SO42- in this region can directly pass through the soil and enter the stream by infiltrating of soil water. This result showed that in this zone the soil is short of enough buffer power to slow down the loss of inorganic elements. But dissolved inorganic phosphorus can be limited by adsorption of soil , so it can't enter the soil water. Soil water is the important input source of dissolved organic carbon and dissolved organic phosphorus for stream. There is some higher Ca2+, Mg2+, and DIP content in stream than those in soil water. We conjectured there should be some other input source which can influence the composition of nutrient in stream. This input source may come from groundwater or some other geological environments.
There is little monthly variation about inorganic element in soil water and stream water of Fushan, but there is no obvious seasonal variation. There is seasonal variation about dissolved organic carbon. To sum up the discussion, it shows important information that the soil water of subtropical forest can influence the import of organic matter in water area. To know the input process of the inorganic ion in stream, first, think of the rainfall and soil water; furthermore, stream area and geological environment.

本篇研究主要探討福山地區土壤水和溪流水的水化學特性。採樣區為哈盆溪一號集水區森林中4個土壤水採樣站和1個溪流水採樣站,其餘樣品採自哈盆溪二號集水區和粗坑溪集水區以比較同一生態系中不同集水區的水化學。本研究分析項目包括pH, 可溶性Na+, K+, Ca+, Mg2+, NH4+, Cl-, NO3-, SO42-, 溶解有機碳(DOC)和總溶解磷(TDP)。並以土壤磷萃取試驗和磷吸附試驗提供元素在土壤轉移的輔助資訊。
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