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標題: 三維效應對雙制動盤多流管理論之探討
Investigation of 3-Dimensional Effect on Double Multiple Streamtubes Model
作者: 陳佳宏
Chen, Chia-Hong
關鍵字: 垂直軸式風力發電機;Vertical-Axis wind turbine;雙制動盤多流管理論;三維效應;Double-Multiple Streamtube Theory;Three-dimension effect
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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計算成本高昂以及精確性難以掌握是以計算流體力學預測垂直軸式風力發電機氣動力最重要的問題,利用數學模數取代為最有效的方法。雙制動盤多流管模型為目前預測垂直軸式風力發電機氣動力最為精確之理論,接續前人使用動態失速理論對DMST修正,本論文考慮翼尖渦流對氣動力的影響,將升力線理論、Viterna & Corregian 失速模型導入經動態失速修正之雙制動盤多流管模型中。考慮不同翼展位置之氣動力效應不同,將垂直軸風力發電機依翼展方向分割成多個流層,並利用計算流體力學做為虛擬風洞,比較在風速為12 m/s下,不同尖端速度比之修正結果。

Costly computation cost and uncerrtainly accuracy are the important issue of CFD to predict aerodynamics of vertical-axis wind turbine. A mathematical modulus is the most effective method. Double-Multiple Streamtube Theory is the most accurate theory adopt by industries currently. For the continuity of the modification made by dynamic stall models, this paper focused on effect of the spanwise variation of the aerodynamics due to the vortex generated at wing tip on vertical wind turbines. To achieve this goal, the blade was divided spanwise into multiple streams layer, and the lifting line theory and Viterna & Corregian stall model was used to modified DMST in each stream layer. A computer program was written accordingly and a CFD was used as virtual wind tunnel to compare the effect at wind speed of 12 m/s with different tip speed ratio.
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