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標題: 五軸工具機第四軸組裝誤差量測系統
The fourth-axis measuring technique of a five-axis machine tool
作者: 顏子翔
Yan, Zih-Siang
關鍵字: 旋轉誤差;rotary error;位置誤差;幾何精度;貓眼反射鏡;四象限光位置感測器;position error;geometric accuracy;reflector;quadrant photo diode
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本量測系統優點價格低廉,無須使用昂貴的系統零件,架設容易且操作簡單,可有效縮短量測時間並提升效率,整體系統成本低廉,元件尺寸小,且系統量測精度高,其量測系統定位誤差為+/-1.5 um內,解析度可達50 nm。

A procedure is an electro optical measurement rotary accuracy and position accuracy of five-axis machine tools, it is designed to replace the contact type system and light interference measurement system, this system is divided into two parts, first part is rotary axis accuracy measurement system which uses laser diode as system light source and quadrant photo diode to receive light single that can detect the three-dimensional position of cat''s eye reflector . The Second part is cat''s eye reflector which uses ball lens of n=2 with coating aluminum to hemispherical that is used to convey message of the table position on the machine tool. This measurement system will be detected the rotary accuracy and position accuracy of the five-axis machine tools, and use tip tracking for machine tools.
The advantage of this system is low price without expensive optical components, the installation process of it is convenient and quickly, erection of it is sample and reduces the measurement time significantly. This system has low-cost and the components are very small, high measurement accuracy, and position error of system about +/-1.5 μm, system resolution can be measured to 50nm.
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