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標題: 東勢地區梨園營養狀況之研究
Nutrition study on pear orchards of Tung Shih area in central Taiwan
作者: 徐珍賢
關鍵字: 土壤肥力;Soil fertility;土壤及葉片分析;營養診斷;葉片養分濃度;採樣部位;植物營養;強酸性土壤;Soil and leaf analysis;Nutrition diagnosis;Leaf nutriental concentration;Sampling position;Plant nutrition;Strongly acid soils
出版社: 土壤環境科學系
To provide basic reference for nutrient diagnosis norm, a nutrient survey of pear orchards around Tung Shih area .The experiment were determined the proper leaf sampling method and establish optinum ranges of inorganic nutrients composition of leaves.
The results were summaried. Leaf analysis showed the extreme range were N 2.05~3.25 %, P 0.13~0.37 %, K 0.72~1.92 %, Ca 0.57~2.16 %,Mg 0.21~0.45 %, B 16~44 mg/kg, Cu 4~20 mg/kg, Fe 71-388 mg/kg, Mn 29~422 mg/kg,and Zn 16~122 mg/kg.
The difference of leaf nutrient content (K, Ca and Mg) between normal fruiting trees and low-bearing ones were significant at 5% level , However leaves age influence the greater of the tree age.
Based on the seasonable change of leaf nutrients content at different parts, late April to late May is the best period to sample the 3rd or 4th mature leaf from the tip of short-fruiting twig for nutrient diagnoses. The suggested criteria of optimum nutrient standards for pear are N: 2.60 %, P: 0.12~0.20 %, K: 1.20~2.00 %, Ca: 1.25~2.00 %, Mg: 0.27~0.50 %, B: 20~120 mg/kg, Cu: 10~20 mg/kg, Fe: 35~200 mg/kg, Mn: 30~200 mg/kg, and Zn: 20~90 mg/kg .

由梨葉片要素養份週年變化情形,梨葉片之採樣方法為4月下旬至5月下旬短果枝成熟葉,東勢地區梨葉片適宜濃度範圍可暫定為N:2.60 %,P:0.12~0.20 %,K:1.20~2.00 %,Ca:1.25~2.00 %,Mg:0.27~0.50 %,B:20~120 mg/kg,Cu:10~20 mg/kg,Fe:35~200 mg/kg,Mn:30~200 mg/kg,和Zn:20~90 mg/kg。
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