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標題: 行進間足內八步態及足外八步態對於地面反作用力之影響
Toe-in and Toe-out Foot Landing Position on Ground Reaction Forces during Gait
作者: 楊鎮嘉
Yang, Chen-Chia
關鍵字: force plate;測力板;medio-lateral;first peak;neutral gait;內外側;第一尖峰值;自然步態
出版社: 運動與健康管理研究所
目的: 本研究目的主要以探討步態進行中不同著地角度對於地面反作用力的影響。實驗設計: 以測力板測得的地面反作用力三個方向的參數來比較不同著地角度的差異。方法: 利用32位健康男性以自然步態、足內八及足外八等三種著地角度重複測量。每一位受試者均以這三種著地步態踩在測力板上並擷取三度空間的力學變化。結果: 研究顯示,三種著地角度的垂直與前後的地面反作用力並無明顯差異 (P > 0.05)。而針對內外側的地面反作用力來說,足外八著地受力第一最大反作用力尖峰值較其他兩組有明顯大(P < 0.05);尖峰值出現的時間點亦明顯較其他兩種著地角度快(P < 0.05)。結論: 本力學研究證明,三種不同的著地角度之地面反作用力表現是不同的。足外八著地步態的內外側地面反作用力較大,顯示足外八步態容易對下肢產生過度的內外側反作用力。

Objective. The purpose of this study was to determine how foot landing position influenced ground reaction forces (GRF) during gait. Design. Values of GRF components recorded by a force plate were used to compare GRF of different foot landing position. Methods. Thirty-two healthy males were repeatedly assigned to three foot landing positions: toe-out, toe-in and neutral. Each participant walked with three foot landing positions across a force plate while three-dimensional motion was captured. Results. No differences were observed for vertical or anteroposterior GRF among three foot landing positions (P > 0.05). For medio-lateral GRF direction, the toe-out foot landing position exhibited significant differences at the first peak forces compared to other foot landing positions (P < 0.05) and its occurrence exhibited faster than the others (P < 0.05). Conclusion. We provide evidence of the neutral, toe-in and toe-out foot landing positions on GRF using a kinetic gait study. For toe-out foot landing positions, greater medio-lateral GRF indicates excessive loading on the lower extremity is generated by the toe-out foot landing position.
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