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標題: The Influence of Organic Farming on Soil Properties and Fruit Quality in Orchard
作者: Chang, Cheng-Chin
關鍵字: Sustainable agriculture;永續農業;organic cultivation;conventional cultivation;有機農耕;傳統農耕
出版社: 土壤環境科學系
Sustainable agriculture management has recently gained very much attention in Taiwan for maintaining environmental ecosystem and saving energy. To keep using the cultivated land and produce clean, safe, and high quality of agricultural products, the concept of organic cultivation was introduced to replace part of the conventional management. Recently, utilization of the organic fertilizer is increasing due to the development of the organic agriculture. To understand the effect of organic fertilizer on the fruit's quality, it is necessary to investigate the quality difference of the products between organic cultivation and conventional cultivation . In this research, we studied six kinds of fruits including grape, papaya, guava, citrus, wax apple, and Indian jujube. This work attempted not only to study the difference of chemical ingredients of fruits between using of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer, but also examine the effect of copper and zinc contents in organic fertilizer on the copper and zinc contents of fruits.
Experimental results showed that several nutrients were accumulated in the soils due to long time use of a large amount of organic fertilizer for providing the nitrogen to the crops. The pH value of the soil increased by 1 to 2 units, and the content of the organic compounds, potassium, magnesium, copper, and zinc showed an increasing tendency. The concentration depends on the difference of the organic fertilizer, amounts of application, soil texture, and species of the corps. The increase of copper and zinc concentration in the soils came from animal dung such as pig, chicken, and cow. Although their concentration was low in the soil, it should be noted to avoid accumulating to an extent resulting to inhibit the plant growth. Therefore, the research on the organic agriculture or sustainable agriculture in the near future will be focused on the improvement of nitrogen utilization in the compost and the prevention of other nutrients and elements accumulation in the soil.
The taste quality of the fresh fruits in terms of chemical compounds was often represented by sweetness and acidity. Whereas, vitamin C contents, is one of the most important factors to evaluate the fruits nutrients value. The chemical compounds of the fruits was affected by species, ripeness, and harvest time etc. In this study the experimental results, shows that the fruits in organic cultivation area containing significantly higher sweetness, acidity, and mineral contents, and lower water content. However, the vitamin C and other chemical contents varied with plant species and cultivation locations. Owing to using a large amounts of compost in the organic farming, the copper and zinc contents in the soil were increased . No direct evidences, however, could be found that the copper and zinc concentrations of the fruits in organic fertilizer area were higher than that of chemical fertilizer area.

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