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標題: Studies on the Reclamation of Cd Contaminated Paddy Soils: Rice Cultivars and Liming Effect
作者: 趙正雄
Jau, Cheng-Shiung
關鍵字: 鎘;Cd;復育;石灰;污染;水稻品種;reclamation;lime;contamination;rice cultivars
出版社: 土壤環境科學系
The pollution of heavy metals into agricultural land are harmful for human health via agricultural product. Few years ago, Tao-Yuen and Chang-Hua area had some environmental events with rice contaminated high level of hazardous heavy metal, Cd. Therefore, we should have a strategy to reduce the impact of hazardous heavy metals in agricultural soil. In this study, selecting rice cultivars and liming method were conducted to evaluate the biological availability of Cd in order to reclaim the heavy metal polluted paddy soil.
Results showed that contents of Cd of brown rice of all cultivars, Tainung 67, Taisen 1, Taikeng 9 and Taichung 189, were lower than the limited level, 0.5 mg kg-1, as grown in unpolluted soils. In polluted soil, the content of Cd of Taisen 1 was highest and over the limited level as soil with no any remedy; and was the lowest of Tainung 67, lower than 0.27 mg Kg-1. As the three experiments' data taken as a whole, uptakes of Cd were highly related to uptakes of nitrogen in brown rice; the R2 was 0.74 with p<0.001 statistically. The regression equation was Cd (μg clump-1) = 30.0 N (g clump-1) -1.11.
The liming effect for reducing Cd content of brown rice was different for different cultivars. The Cd content decreased as soil pH raised from 6.01 to 6.5 by liming for Taisen 1, Tainung 67, and Taichung 189 cultivars at significant or non-significant level, but the Cd content increased, even higher than untreated conditions as soil pH raised to 7.5 for all used cultivars.

摘 要
本論文擬由篩選低吸收鎘能力的水稻品種及施用石灰對降低土壤鎘的生物有效性之途徑復育鎘污染水田土壤。受鎘污染之土壤及無污染土壤的盆栽試驗,結果顯示台秈1、台農67、台梗9及台中189號等四個水稻品種在無污染土壤,四種水稻糙米鎘含量皆低,且品種間差異未達顯著水準。在污染土壤,台秈1號鎘含量最高,幾次試驗測值皆高過0.5 mg kg-1。污染土加石灰(至pH 6.5),台秈1號糙米鎘含量降為0.42 mg kg-1,再提高石灰用量(至pH 7.5)反而無法降低水稻鎘含量。台農67及台梗9號吸收鎘能力(<0.31 mg kg-1)較低。
另外,經本研究發現水稻吸收鎘能力和糙米氮吸收量達極極顯著正相關,其R2值0.74*** 相關式為Cd (μg clump-1)=30.0±1.86***N(g clump-1)-1.11±0.47*。
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