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標題: 具有小間距的不等直徑錯列圓柱下游流場特性之研究
Study on Flow Characteristics behind Staggered Cylinders of Unequal Diameter at Small Gap
作者: 許尚文
Hsu, Shang-Wen
關鍵字: 間隙流;gap flow;錯列雙圓柱;渦旋;不等直徑;staggered cylinder;vortex;unequal diameter
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本論文利用質點影像測速系統(PIV)、流場可視化、以及快速傅立葉轉換(FFT)來進行流場結構及特性分析,探討當雷諾數為1000時,具有直徑比為1、2、4之錯列圓柱下游之流場結構及能量消長變化。其中,錯列雙圓柱之垂直間距固定為G/D=0.25,水平間距為L/D=-3.5~3.5。研究結果顯示:在D/d=1時,沒有mode 1和mode 2之分別。當D/d=1、-3.5≦L/D≦-2.0與2.0≦L/D≦3.5均屬於渦旋A+B+C型流場,在更下游處,A、B、C渦旋結合成一大尺度渦旋再脫離。當D/d=1、-2.0
This study investigates the flow characteristics using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Laser Doppler measurement system (LDV), flow visualization and fast Fourier transform (FFT). The Reynolds number is 1000, and the diameter ratios of staggered cylinders are 1.0, 2.0 and 4.0. The staggered cylinders are arranged at same gap ratio (G/D=0.25) with varying horizontal spacing within -3.5≤L/D≤3.5. For D/d=1, the modes 1 and 2 are exact mirror image of each other. For D/d=1, -3.5≦L/D≦-2.0 and 2.0≦L/D≦3.5, the vortices A, B, C merge into a large vortex in the downstream region. For -2.0
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