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標題: 台灣鮮乳顧客忠誠度影響因素之研究
Factors affecting the customer loyalty of fresh milk in Taiwan
作者: 留孟彬
Liu, Meng-Pin
關鍵字: 鮮乳;忠誠度
出版社: 應用經濟學研究所
本研究之目的為探討鮮乳顧客忠誠度的影響因素,藉由衡量顧客購買不同乳廠之鮮乳的各項認知及滿意程度,評估影響顧客忠誠度的重要指標。調查訪問對象以市場佔有率前三大乳廠的鮮乳顧客為主,利用調查所得到的337份有效問卷,進行結構方程模式(Structural Equation Modeling, SEM)實證推估。茲將實證結果扼要陳述如下:
1. 顧客滿意度有顯著的中介效果,即認知價值會透過顧客滿意度來影響顧客忠誠度。此結果與Gronholdt et al.(2000)所提出之「認知價值-顧客滿意度-顧客忠誠度」的研究結果一致。
2. 影響顧客忠誠度的主要因素為顧客滿意度,所以廠商為了要能提高顧客對其產品的忠誠度,必須使顧客對其產品感到滿意。而其它如「認知價值」、「銷售推廣」、「品牌形象」與「價格」也分別對不同品牌鮮乳的忠誠度有不同程度的影響,廠商需針對其影響的因素加以改善才能提高顧客對其品牌的忠誠度。
3. 除了產品品質對其它構面影響不顯著,以及統一與味全的鮮乳顧客對於品牌形象的認知不顯著外,其餘構面則皆有顯著的因果關係存在。在「品牌形象」的評量項目中,鮮乳顧客多較重視「鮮乳標章」,其次為「電視廣告」與「知名品牌」;在「價格」的評量項目中,鮮乳顧客多較重視「夏季鮮乳價格」,其次為「冬季鮮乳價格」與「不同鮮乳價格」;在「銷售推廣」的評量項目中,鮮乳顧客多較重視「降價促銷」,其次為「搭贈活動」。

The purpose of this study is to explore the factors that affect customer loyalty of fresh milk in Taiwan. By assessing the perception and satisfaction of customers who buy the fresh milk from the different companies, the indicators that affect the customer loyalty were evaluated. A survey was conducted and the respondents were selected from the customers of three major milk companies by a convenient sampling. The effective sample contained 337 questionnaires. The structure equation modeling was applied to do the empirical analysis. The major findings are as follows:
1. Customer satisfaction has an apparent intermediary effect. It means that perceived value will influence customer loyalty through customer satisfaction. This result consists with the empirical result of “perceived value - customer satisfaction - customer's loyalty” framework, which is built up by Gronholdt et al. (2000).
2. The main factor that influences customer's loyalty is the customer satisfaction. In order to improve customer loyalty, companies must make customers feel satisfied with their products. And the other items, such as “perceived value”, “sales promotion”, “brand image”, and “price”, also have different effects on different brands of fresh milk. There companies also need to improve those factors to raise customer loyalty of their brands.
3. Except the product quality does not related to other constructs, and the perception of brand image does not related to other constructs of Uni- President and Wei Chuan companies' customers, other constructs are all exist causal relationships apparently. In the evaluation indicators of “brand image”, fresh milk customers paid more attention to “the fresh milk seal”, than “television advertising” and “the famous brand”. In the evaluation indicators of “price”, fresh milk customers paid more attention to “promotion by a reduced price”, than “the activity of tied sale”.
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