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標題: Electrochemical character of synthetic Todorokite
作者: Lin, Ying-Yu
關鍵字: 鈣錳礦;Todorokite;電化學;修飾電極;氧化能力;電子傳遞;electrochemical;modified electrode;oxidation;electron transfer
出版社: 土壤環境科學系所
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參考前人合成鈣錳礦的方法,改變其中的參數(層間陽離子、熱處理溫度與時間)來合成鈣錳礦,經X-射線繞射儀鑑定合成鈣錳礦,結果顯示主要特性的繞射峰為5.7 Ǻ與4.0 Ǻ;透過掃描式電子顯微鏡觀察到合成的鈣錳礦以片狀結構為主,且存在小顆粒的結晶。利用合成鈣錳礦進行對苯二酚催化試驗,以電化學循環伏安法及傅立葉轉換紅外線光譜儀分析,結果指出合成鈣錳礦有催化對苯二酚降解與氧化的情形,其中又以銅-鈣錳礦的結果較明顯。
利用沉降修飾方法將合成鈣錳礦修飾於電極上,仿照黏粒修飾電極的探討方式,分別偵測Fe(bpy)33+ 與 MV2+ 溶液,根據電化學行為理論進行探討。結果顯示鐵-鈣錳礦修飾電極對於Fe(bpy)33+ 有較好的偵測效果,Fe(bpy)33+ 通過鐵-鈣錳礦膜層的電子傳遞較快,且合成鈣錳礦具有增大電極活性區的能力,另外對於MV2+ 的結果,偵測MV2+ 的試驗較未能顯示合成鈣錳礦的電化學特性。
以合成鈣錳礦修飾電極,透過MV2+ 作為電子傳遞物,對H2O2 進行催化試驗,結果得知以三種不同層間陽離子合成之鈣錳礦 ( 銅、鐵、錳 ) 皆得到良好的催化效果,對照多鐵蒙特石修飾電極,三種合成鈣錳礦的催化效果皆大於多鐵蒙特石,其中以銅-鈣錳礦修飾電極催化效果最佳。添加不同濃度H2O2 進行偵測,以銅-鈣錳礦的偵測效果與靈敏度最佳。

Manganese oxides universally exist in soils, and that usually have catalytic power due to its changeable valence. It's important to study electroanalysis and catalysis of todorokite ( synthetic manganese oxide ) for future research.
Todorokite was synthesized by changing interstitial cations and hydrothermal step, and it had two diffractive peaks (5.7 Ǻ and 4.0 Ǻ ) in XRD diffractogram. The SEM image of synthetic todorokites revealed platelet structure and smaller crystal. The catalytic ability was carried out via the catalytic transformation of hydroquinone using electroanalysis of cyclic voltammetry and Fourier transform-infrared spectrometer. The result indicated hydroquinone could be catalyzed by synthetic todorokite, and Cu-todorokite had most catalytic power.
We studied oxidative ability of synthetic todorokite by determining electrochemical ability of model ( Fe(bpy)33+ and MV2+ ) analysis. The results indicated larger oxidative ability for Fe(bpy)33+. Fe(bpy)33+ had the fastest electron transfer in Fe-todorokite film. Furthermore, todorokite modified electrodes could enhance the electroactivity of electrode surface. On the other side, synthetic todorokite wasn't observed electrochemical character by determined MV2+.
Catalysis of H2O2 was carried out using MV2+ as electron mediator and determination of synthetic todorokite-modified electrode. Three synthetic todorokite-modified electrodes had well catalytic activity comparing with SWa-1 modified electrode. The catalysis of Cu-todorokite modified electrode was the most active. Cu-todorokite modified electrode revealed better sensitive and well linear in MV2+ solution containing different H2O2 concentration.
Electrochemical technique has advantages of rapid response, convenient, and cost less, combined screen-printed carbon electrode with cheep, easy modification and disposability, that can be regard as a well analytic method for synthetic todorokite-modified electrodes research. Furthermore, the electrochemical character of synthetic todorokite can be applied to more electrocatalysis and biosensitive in future.
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