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標題: 巨峰葡萄組織培養植株之生長及果實品質
Studies on Growth and Fruit Quality of Tissue Culture ''Kyoho'' Grapevines
作者: 徐思東
Hsu, Szu-Tung
關鍵字: Cutting;扦插;Virus;病毒
出版社: 園藝學系

The differences in growth and fruit quality between 4-year-old tissue culture and cutting ''Kyoho'' grapevines (Vitis vinifera L Vitis labracana Bailey) were investigated. Virus infection status of the plant material was examined before investigation.
Most examined plants were infected with virus. However, the growth of tissue culture vines, in terms of roots, trunk, arms, canes, shoots and leaves, were stronger than cutting ones. The berry size and skin color of tissue culture vines were larger and darker than those of cutting ones. There were no significant differences in fruit firmness, total soluble solids and juice acidity.
In addition, the number of cell layers of berry flesh that harvested from tissue-culture vines was significantly larger than thet of cutting vines.
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