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標題: 砧木種類、套袋材質及採後處理對金煌芒果果實品質的影響
Effects of Rootstocks, Bagging Material, and Postharvest Treatments on the Quality of ''Chinn Hung'' Mango Fruits(Mangifera indica L.).
作者: 梁靜芬
Liang, Ching-Fen
關鍵字: mango;芒果;mineral nutrition;disorder;bagging;營養元素;果實劣變;套袋
出版社: 園藝學系

The objectives of this study were to investigate the fruit disorders, development and mineral composition of ‘Chiin Hwang' by different bagging material. Results indicated that changing in the microenvironment of the bagged fruits had the effects of lowing the temperature and humidity around the fruits and altering gas composition as compared with the ambient air. Temperature was lower inside the white paper bag than that of the black paper or net bags and gas composition more condensed. Fruit growth was enhanced in the net-bagged fruits. Skin colors of the fruits were green in the net and white bags but yellow in black bags. The starch content of black-paper wrapped fruits was higher before ripening and an increase in total soluble sugar was observed when mature. This seemed to indicate a positive relationship between soluble sugar and α-amylase activity. In the fruit mineral concentrations, there were no significant differences in nitrogen and potassium between peel and pulp, but the peel was found high in calcium and magnesium. The black paper bagged fruits had a higher nitrogen concentration than the other treatments. There were no significant differences in calcium concentrations between treatments. The N/Ca, K/Ca and Mg/Ca of fruits were higher in black-paper treatment, likewise the percentages of the fruit disorders.
Fruit analysis data indicated that the soluble sugars were elevated in the affected fruits before forced ripening especially in the middle portion and distal end in breakdown fruits. Starch content was higher in healthy fruits usually at proximal end. So was the soluble sugar in the healthy fruits after Ethrel treatment. No differences were found in starch contents in both healthy and affected fruits in various portions analyzed.
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