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標題: 孤挺花開花調節法之探討
Study on manipulation of flowering in Hippeastrum hybridum Hort.
作者: 呂文鈴
Lu, Wen-Ling
關鍵字: Amaryllis;孤挺花;Flowering;開花
出版社: 園藝學系
本研究目的在於利用修根、停水、鱗莖大小、激勃素及貯藏溫度處理孤挺花鱗莖以探討開花調節之方法。孤挺花'Red Lion''品種的鱗莖經修根處理可增快種植速率,但是經修根處理並沒有促進開花,若存留10cm的根長,則其葉片最多且最長;經修根處理,可以增加鱗莖的側根數,根域生長良好。但若將鱗莖的根全部去除,則失去固定力,影響葉長,且第一花莖最短,一次根之根數最少。
孤挺花'Red Lion''品種的鱗莖經停水處理可促進花芽發育且不影響開花品質,停水8週,花芽最快萌出,且最早開花。停水處理影響分支根生長,而經停水處理的分支根數較多。'Apple Blossom''、'Picotee''品種的鱗莖大小會影響孤挺花開花,大的鱗莖有早開花的現象,而其花朵數、花莖數亦較多於較小鱗莖。'Best Seller''品種的鱗莖浸泡0、10、50、100ppm激勃素溶液24小時,經處理的鱗莖可以增加開花率,促進第一花莖伸長及增加葉片長度。
孤挺花'Apple Blossom''、'Picotee''及'Red Lion''品種的鱗莖以5、9、17及25℃各2組乾燥貯藏處理;其結果顯示在不同的貯藏溫度處理中,以高溫25℃處理者較慢開花,且葉片有較長的現象。另外,將鱗莖行三組變溫貯藏處理(A:25℃(2週)、17℃(2週)、9℃(2週)、5℃(2週),B:25℃(2週)、17℃(2週)、5℃(4週),C:25℃(2週)、5℃(6週))及一組恆溫25℃(8週)為對照組;結果顯示經各組變溫處理者均較恆溫處理者提早開花。鱗莖種植後其周徑、球重明顯地減少,而'Apple Blossom''種植後則有分球的現象。花芽從萌出至第一朵花開需3-8週的時間而花莖萌出初期生長緩慢,後期則迅速伸長。

The purpose of this study is trying to use root pruning, water interruption, bulb size, gibberellin acid (GA3) and bulb storage temperature to understand the flowering regulation of Hippeastrum hybridum Hort. Root pruning could increased growing rate, but flowering was not promoted in ''Red Lion''. Saving root length for 10 cm when planting could obtained largest number and longest leaf. Root pruning could also increase bulb''s secondary (branched) roots and has good rooting system. Excised all the root resulted in lose plant stand support, leaf growth, short first scape, and least primary roots.
Holding water supply up to 8 weeks could increase flower bud development but not affect the flowering quality on ''Red Lion''. Eight weeks of water interruption resulted in the earliest flower emergence and flowering. Water interruption also has a phenomenon of large number of secondary (branched) roots. Bulb size could affect the flowering of ''Apple Blossom'' and ''Picotee''. As bulb size increased, the early flowering was increased. Number of florets and scapes of large bulbs were more than that of small bulbs. Gibberellin acid also affect Hippeastrum hybridum Hort. cv. Best Seller flowering. As GA3 concentration was increased from 0 to 100 ppm, flowering rate, first scape, and leaf length was increased.
''Apple Blossom''、 ''Picotee'' and''Red Lion''of bulbs were stored dry in 5、9、17, and 25℃ for 2 weeks could be improved flowering. The results showed that the higher temperature the later anthesis, also the longer leaf. Besides, bulbs treated in 3 group of varied temperatures (A:25℃(2 weeks), 17℃(2 weeks), 9℃(2 weeks), 5℃(2 weeks); B:25℃(2 weeks), 17℃(2 weeks), 5℃(4 weeks); C:25℃(2 weeks), 5℃(6 weeks)) and one of constant temperature (25℃(8 weeks)) for contrast. The results showed each group of varied temperatures got earlier anthesis. However, bulbs after dry storage treatment lose significantly weight and size, but got several offsets as replanting of''Apple Blossom''. Bud emergence to first flower anthesis needs 3 to 8 weeks, and the growth rate of scapes during the earlier emergence stage was much slower than that of the later stage.
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