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標題: 喬木之象徵性、造型與栽植場所之關係研究
The Study on the Relationships between Symbolism, Forms and Planting Places of Trees.
作者: 施文萍
Shih, Wen-Ping
關鍵字: Trees;喬木;Symbolism;Forms;Planting Places;象徵性;造型;栽植場所
出版社: 園藝學系

The main purpose of this study was to discuss the relationships between symbolism, forms and planting places of trees. In addition, the study also examined if personal characteristics and the origin of symbolism have influences on the symbolism and planting places of trees.
The study selected nine symbolc adjectives, six planting places, eight symbolism origins and five tree forms to explore the above relationships on twenty trees. Through the color slides and the questionnaire survey, the study obtained 238 valid samples from the students of six universities. The selected samples all majored in landscape architecture currently.
The study used descriptive statistics, factor analysis, T-test, one-way analysis of variance, Pearson correlation analysis and canonical correlation analysis to describe the research results and examined the research hypotheses. The major findings were summarized as follows:
1.Respondents had significant differences on symbolism for different forms of trees.
2.Respondents had significant differences on planting places for different forms of trees.
3. The relationships between symbolism and planting places of trees were statistically significant.
4.Different origins of symbolism of trees had different influences on symbolism and planting places of trees.
5.Different respondents' characteristics had only partial influence on the symbolism and planting places of trees.
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